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Craft Spirits + Flavour infusions


  • Sour Cherry Bomba Vodka

    2022 San Francisco World spirits GOLD Medalist. A perfect balance of tart flavour with bursts of cherry and finished to the same sweetness as the original cherry found in nature.

  • Blueberry Lavender Lemonade Bomba Vodka

    A mouth-watering wave of smooth blueberry blends seamlessly with tart lemonade and a touch of aromatic lavender, resulting in a mix of sweet and tart notes. Only as sweet as the original blueberries found in nature, making it a perfect addition to any cocktail.

  • Manitoba Mule Vodka

    Spicy ginger, a satisfying touch of maple, wild Manitoba blueberries, hibiscus & lime evoke a warm spicy-sweet flavour combination. Tastes of tart field berries to the tongue, mellowing sponge toffee-like sweetness through the middle, finished with a balance of bright warmth & crisp lime.

Your neighborhood brewery in the West end


  • 66 New England IPA

    Fruity, soft IPA hopped with Strata, Vic's Secret, and Citra.

  • Margarita Gose

    Mildly tart, extremely refreshing. Tequila and mescal soaked zest of like 100 limes, juice of like 100 limes, salt.

  • Raspberry Brut IPA

    Bright, juicy, hoppy, with a dry finish and that framboise je ne c'est quoi.

  • The Wurst

    Mustard Sauerkraut Lager. Yes, a mustard and sauerkraut lager.

The small family apiary is in Oak Bluff, Manitoba on McGillivray Boulevard. The Paseschnikoffs run the only bee to bottle meadery in Manitoba. First and only meadery in Manitoba.

We are a brewery in Brandon, MB. We opened our door last Aug and are celebrating our 1st anniversary Aug 5, 6,& 7.


  • Great Scott

    Cream Ale

  • Blue Hills Brew

    Blueberry Ale

  • 1886

    Double NEIPA

A local contact brewery offering curious yet easy drinking beers. A celebration of pulp paperback novel art from the 1950s.


  • The Quick Fix

    A Coffee Cream Ale 5.5% abv A coffee scent, amber colour, lightly creamy body and a smooth finish.

  • A Black New England IPA

    A Black New England IPA 6.5% abv A mildly roasty and fruity hop scent, a near black colour, an easy medium body with a mild finish.

  • Another Deadly Sin

    Another Deadly Sin An English Special Bitter 5.0% abv A copper, malty ale, lower carbonation, a mild bitterness, medium body.

Brewers of quality local craft beer in Winnipeg, Manitoba with diverse brewing styles including Haze Bomb! Juicy Pale Ale.


  • Brazen Blueberry Ale

    6.9% ABV 15 IBU Massive dose of whole blueberry puree, fermented to reduce sweetness and with low bitterness make this a super easy drinking strong beer.

  • Raspy The Red Beard - Raspberry Wheat Ale

    American Wheat Ale augmented with a huge dose of Raspberries and finished with vanilla to make a fruit beer that dry, not too tart, and fills your senses with the flavours and aromas of fresh fruit.

  • Steel Cut Blonde Ale

    The easy drinking every day standard North America Blonde Ale, slightly bready and honey malt forward with a slight lemon pepper hop profile made with Canadian Oats that give this beer its name.

  • HAZE BOMB! Juicy Pale Ale

    Your 3-Peat cheer beer, flavourful craft beer that drinks like a sports beer. Hazy with hop aromas of citrus fruits and slight coconut.

We are the first grain to bottle distillery in Manitoba. All of our grains are sourced from local farmers.

We have a passion for creating premium craft spirits in the heart of Sunny St. James!

Come check us out for a tour, private tasting or cocktail class 🙂


  • Chili Vodka

  • Espresso Vodka

  • Cranberry Gin

  • Grapefruit Vodka

Makers of Beer Flavoured Beer! Fine Ales for even finer ladies and distinguished gentlemen. We aim to be the pinnacle purveyors of perniciously perfect pints. Quality before quantity. Fresh at the source. Small batch care in every beer. The thinker’s drink of choice……..

Get the idea? 

Dastardly Villain Brewing Company is aiming for world domination through beer! That goal will only be achieved through making quality craft ales. And we’ll also be celebrating the beloved villains along the way.


  • Sinister Intentions - New England I.P.A

    Our Sinister Intentions New England I.P.A. is an ale that is hazy in appearance, bursting with aromas and flavours of luscious stone fruit and tropical fruit forward hoppiness. The taste is juicy, creamy and rich without being sweet. It finishes soft and smooth and lingers dreamily on the palate enticing you to have another sip. 6.0% alc/vol. 18 IBUs 5 SRM

  • Red Planet Rocketeer- Red Ale

    This is our most malt forward beer yet. Sure hops are nice, and we added those too, but this beer has a toasty biscuity character with hints of caramel and toffee. Smooth!!!! Wait, you didn't say it right...smmmoooooth. Better, try again, this time like Barry White...SMMMOOOOTH!!! Yeah baby yeah! We like it like that! Tasty, sessionable, malty and SMMMooooth!!! 4.9% alc./vol. 22 IBUs 11.4 SRM

  • Infernal Fusion Machine - Black Ale

    Our entry in the Stout category a dark and flavourful ale without being to heavy. This black ale is a fusion of classic styled Irish Dry Stout and a more modern North American Stout. It will satisfy those 'dark side' fans with notes of espresso and roasted malts, and just enough hops so you know they are there. Clean, dry and not so strong that you can't have another. 5.2% alc./vol. 46 IBUs 38.8 SRM

  • Diabolically Decadent - Brown Ale

    This decadent treat of a beer is rich and malty, but also hoppy. Earthy hop aromas of pine and stone fruit up front blend well with flavours of caramel, chocolate and espresso malts. The body is smooth and well rounded, and finishes with a pleasant residual hop taste reminiscent of spruce tips. 5.3% alc./vol. 32 IBUs 26.0 SRM

  • Nefarious Plan "A" - Dry Hopped Yellow Ale

    Our first beer - Nefarious Plan A - Dry Hopped Yellow ale is a modern spin on the classic pre-prohibition beer style of Cream Ale. Smooth, rich, satisfying, with low bitterness and overtones of bready grains. it starts with a generous bouquet of citrus hops and tropical fruits. It is an easy drinking sessionable beer that pairs well with pretty much any foods or snacks. Nefarious Plan A is a great alternative to other yellow beers like Lagers and Pilsners. Historically Cream Ale was North America's answer to the Pilsners coming out of Europe. Modern day dry hopping techniques were added to give this classic a fresh new profile. Try this on your favourite restaurant patio, camping at the music fest, sitting on the dock at the lake or any social gathering where a quaffable lighter beer is desired. 5% alc./vol. 20 IBUs 4 SRM

Dead Horse Cider Co. is the “locals only” hard cider. Crushed and crafted here on the prairies using locally sourced Manitoba apples. Our crisp, tart and refreshing cider highlights a forgotten Manitoba treasure – prairie apples. Best served cold in the company of friends.


  • Raspberry Smash

    Fresh raspberries are smashed, muddled with mint and lime. Vibrant, semi-sweet and full of flavour, Raspberry Smash pairs delightfully with all things summer.

  • Far From the Tree

    Bright citrus notes are captured in this eccentric blend of grapefruit and apples, dry hopped with Prairie Mountain cascade and comet hops grown right here in Manitoba.

In the heart of the Great Canadian prairies, visit Farmery Estate Brewery and our family farm where hops and barley that go into our beer are grown.


  • Strawberry-Watermelon Lager

    Strawberry-Watermelon Lager: "A touch malty, a little watermelon-y, a drop strawberry: a light & refreshing premium beer deliciously infused with ripe flavors of strawberry and watermelon"

  • Beer Caesar with Pickle:

    A take on the authentic Canadian Caesar classic, with a tasty blend of clam & spice flavors and genuine pickle brine. Small batch brewed.

  • Blue Kiss Flavored Vodka RTD (Ready to Drink):

    Canadian premium vodka with blue raspberry flavor. With only 1g of sugar, & infused with a touch of our farm-grown hops, for a delicious low-cal flavor.

  • NEIPA Wow! Family - Juicy, Quench, Squirt

    NEIPA Wow! Juicy: "A juicy & hazy New England IPA infused with Chinook, Cascade, El Dorado and Galena hops, for a flavor bursting with a blend of grapefruit, citrus, blackcurrant, spicy and pineapple." NEIPA Wow! Quench: "Quench your thirst this summer with this light and citrus-forward flavorful beer!" NEIPA Wow! Squirt: "A squirt of tangy citrus, brewed with barley and a touch of wheat for a healthy foam head and a delicious malt flavor, for a light & refreshing taste experience."

Established in 1930, Fort Garry Brewing Company are the Pioneers of Craft Beer based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. LEGENDS NEVER DIE
For some people, the old saying means that singular stories are immortal, written in stone. At Fort Garry Brewing, we know that legends never die because they’re constantly being retold, reshaped, and remade — passed down through generations and true to their roots.

Our province. Our people. Our beer.



    A marriage of two distinct beer styles, this beer is refreshing with a spicy presence. Hazy gold in colour and loaded with citra and centennial hops


    Citrus and Stone Fruit flavours for a well balanced IPA. 7.5 ABV


    Light gold in colour with soft aromatics and a mild herbal character. Refreshing and easy drinking


Two good friends, with a love of everything about beer.
Proud Winnipeg brewery committed to making tasty beverages.


  • Elysium Pale Ale

    Alc/vol-5.3% IBU-42 SRM-8.8 Romans never dreamed the afterlife could be so delicious...or amber toned. This pale ale has been dry-hopped with Mosaic and has a crisp, clean taste with notes of mango and tropical fruits. No need to perish in glorious battle to taste this nectar of the god.

  • Helios Hazy IPA.

    Alc/vol-5.6% IBU-29 SRM-3.7 Racing across the sky from morning to night, in a chariot of fire, Helios shines light on everything that passes below. This sunny, light yellow ray of sunshine has a bright, citrus flavour with subtle notes of herb to underpin this crushable IPA. Helios looks down upon all others and bathes them in the warm glow of it's brilliance

  • Bahamut German Pilsner

    Alc/vol-5.4% IBU-46 SR-6 The silence is broken with an unearthly shriek. The ground shakes mightily as he lands... The God of Dragons has arrived. Bahamut. This hoppy Pilsner pushes the limits of what a Pilsner can be. Its striking, clean hop profile has floral and herbal notes that make this beer extremely drinkable. Pay homage to the mighty Bahamut or meet your doom under his watchful gaze.

Grain to Glass is a Homebrew shop/Contract Brewery, founded in 2015. Our goal is to connect people with the best beer and/or the ingredients, equipment and knowledge to make their own best beer.


  • Mango Pineapple Creamsicle Ale

    Mango, pineapple and vanilla with lactose cream for tropical treat!

  • Bat Country Hazy IPA

    Hazy, soft, mild bitterness with layers of Sabro, Galaxy and Mosaic hops.

  • Monday Mourn APA

    A well balanced American Pale Ale with just the right malt grainy profile to balance out the Citrus, passionfruit, piney, earthy hop profiles within the beer.

  • Skulls Dark Lager

    Very refreshing with a nice dry finish. A drinkable dark lager, light body, silky and dark.

We’re one of Manitoba’s newest craft breweries, with packaged beers brewed at Oxus Brewing in Winnipeg, and a large brewpub opening in Gimli later this year (full menu with a rooftop patio – woo hoo!).

We’re a Metis owned family business and are so excited to join Manitoba’s thriving craft beer community and share our products with you.


  • Winter Sky: Cranberry Hibiscus Session Ale

    Light bodied session ale with the dry fruity flavour of cranberry and hibiscus.

  • Wild River: Wild Rice Red Ale

    A crisp malty red ale with notes of roasty caramel balanced with the earthiness of Manitoba wild rice.

Born and raised in St Boniface.
This Metis francophone brewery started in the garage as a passion for quality fresh beer, this passion transformed into a business that stands by these original thoughts.
Our beers are classic tasting with a clean refreshing finish.


  • La Saint-B

    Classically brewed Belgium Wit. Clean and refreshing balanced beer, with a slight spice and floral nose. Definitely crushable.

  • Sock Hop Kviek IPA.

    One of the few Kviek IPA's on the market. Brewed at an extreme temperature which creates a tropical fruit explosion. Very well balanced and finishes clean. If you like IPA'S you'll need this one in your fridge.

It all started back in 1898 when entrepreneur Abraham Kingdon opened the doors to the original Lake of the Woods Brewing Company in downtown Kenora. The brewery closed for a period during prohibition but was soon re-opened by Stanley Drewery in 1927. Unable to compete with the emergence of large national breweries, the brewery closed its doors in 1954… until now.


  • Channel Marker Light Lager

    Need a light? Lost your way? Channel Marker Light Lager is a wayfinder to fresh n’ crisp Tasty Town located on beer island. Channel Marker is brewed with malted barley, flaked corn and magnum hops, then dry-hopped with citra hops. This beer is sessionable and all day delicious with notes of passionfruit and citrus. A light lager guiding the way to your next Lake of the Woods Brewing.

  • Island Vibes Passionfruit Sour

    There is one thing that all islands have in common – the vibe of ‘island time’… Whether in the Caribbean, the Pacific or on the Lake; there is an unmistakable feeling one gets from setting foot on an island. No matter the time of year, the effort it takes to get there seems to slow down time-space and turns ‘chill’ into a viral attitude everyone is catching. Just the right sour & island fruit mind-meld with sand, relaxation and sun to really tie the room together. So get on a plane, or float your boat, catwalk your sled, or simply step across that bridge – and arrive, with Island Vibes.

  • Dead Man's Switch New England IPA

    The Thistles 1907 Stanley Cup win; the 1973 CIBC bank robbery; the momentous 2013 reopening of Lake of the Woods Brewing Co.: all three landmark (& strangely unrelated) events, that have helped put our little town of Kenora ‘on the map’ (insert wink here). Dead Man’s Switch – a hazy NEIPA hop bomb loaded with enough Citra & Amarillo to stuff a getaway car twice over – this brew immortalizes the surreal & film-esque Kenora Main St. bank robbery; the only such event in history that actually shut down the Trans-Canada Hwy. for a day. Best consumed while doing laundry.

Take one smart, motivated economist desiring to return to his hometown, mix in one derelict heritage building in downtown Winnipeg and then add beer. Voila! A recipe for Little Brown Jug Brewing.

Little Brown Jug is a production brewery and taproom in the Exchange District in Winnipeg. Their values are Honesty, Community & Quality above all else!


  • Brown Ale

    Cask with Molasses, Ginger, Cinnamon & Clove

  • Hefeweizen

    A hazy German wheat beer with notes of Banana and Bread.

  • Saison

    A farmhouse style ale with fruity and peppery flavours and a dry finish

  • Folk Fest Lager

    A clean, crisp and crushable lager with light malt flavour and subtle grassy hop flavours

Low Life is a modern brewery and winery incorporating minimalist and ancient techniques to create some of the most unique beers and wines we can dream up.


  • House Saison

    Zingy can conditioned dry Saison

  • Dark Mild

    Malty chocolate easy drinking English style Mild Ale

  • Kiss Kiss Brett Sour w/Passionfruit

    Brett funk and tart flavors pair great with the punchy passionfruit. Foeder aged.

  • Cab Franc Saison

    1000lb of cab franc grape skins soaked with a light Saison to create a grape forward Grape Ale

Namesake Brewing is currently a contract brewery in partnership with Torque Brewing. With aspirations of one day opening our own Brew Pub in Winnipeg.


  • Time Trap

    Time Trap is a classic IPA with a light malt backbone, moderate bitterness, and a smooth finish. Brewed with Mosaic, Galaxy, and Sabro hops. Time Trap features flavours of grapefruit, tropical fruit, and resin with aromas of citrus, peach, passionfruit, and hints of coconut. 6% 50 IBU.

  • Pump Fake

    A light, hop forward session pale ale loaded with pineapple flavour. Bru-1 and Idaho 7 hops offer flavours and aromas of pineapple, sweet fruit, and citrus, while a heavy dose of fresh pineapple purée rounds things off for a refreshing balance of sweet and tart. 4% 25 IBU.


One Great City Brewing Co. is a celebration of the people, the land, and the life that makes Winnipeg a place of which to be proud. Our beer is both adventurous and accessible. Some beers will be familiar to all beer drinkers while others will be pleasant surprises. However, everyone will appreciate the quality of ingredients and the freshness of OGC’s beer that really sets us apart from the standard lager.


  • Halo-Halo

    In partnership with Baon Manilla Nights, we have created a beer emulating the cherished flavours of the famous Filipino desert, Halo-Halo. Ube, Coconut and tropical-flavored hops abound in this uniquely purple pint. Only sold at participating restaurants and OGC, for a limited time.

  • Hop Tart

    Our Dry Hopped Sour with Calypso, Citra and Sabro hops. Heavily hoped and sharply soured, this beer is the perfect summer refresher. Like the fleeting days of summer, get it while you can.

Winnipeg’s Only Winery, producing wine from locally grown grapes. We also make local fruit wines, ciders, meads, sangrias and coolers.


  • Red Sangria

    A blend of Manitoba Made Wine and real fruit. Notes of Cranberry, Apple, Orange, Lemon and Ginger. 5.1% alc./vol.

  • Apple Cinnamon Mead

    3-Time Award Winning Mead made from Manitoba honey, mixed with an apple mash and aged in cinnamon. Apple Pie Notes. 8.8% alc./vol

  • Whiteshell Vodka Soda - Peach

    No Carbs, No Sugar. Just carbonated Manitoba water, natural flavours and vodka. 5% alc./vol.

Mechanics of Beer
Torque Brewing brings you decades of brewing experience.
Torque Brewing was established in 2016, by an experienced team that began their careers in other well established local breweries before joining forces to start Torque Brewing. Since then, we have picked up a few awards, raised money for charity, worked extra hard, and had some fun along the way.


  • Windchill - Cold IPA

    Cold IPA is a relatively new style, essentially an IPA brewed with lager yeast but fermented warm. They are meant to showcase exclusively hop flavour profiles and show no yeast or malt characteristic, while remaining crisp, dry, light bodied and refreshing. This Cold IPA was brewed using Cascade, Centennial, Amarillo and Chinook offering up notes of citrus, pine, tropical fruit and with a pronounced bitterness. An IPA... only more refreshing.

  • Curry-weizen - Curry Hef

    Exactly like the name suggests, this is a German style wheat beer using the classic Hef yeast with curry powder added to the boil for a unique twist. The notes of clove and banana from the yeast combine with the smooth spice flavour/aroma of the curry resulting in a brew that is nothing if not interesting, and is likely to surprise a few sceptics

  • Smokey Eyes - Smoked Gose

    A gose (sour wheat beer with salt and coriander added to the boil) brewed with a hefty percentage of smoked malt in the grain bill. Classic gose character of lactic sourness, salt, coriander, with the added twist of smoke character, results in a unique and likely somewhat polarizing brew.

Trans Canada Brewing Company’s Brewery, Taproom and Store is located in the heart of Winnipeg’s vibrant southwest corner and is 100% independent and Manitoba owned! We offer a wide array of beer styles with the goal to appeal to both casual beer drinkers and seasoned connoisseurs alike.

All TCB beers are developed, brewed, and packaged in-house with a “quality-first” approach. Stop on by the Taproom for beer, pizza, and live entertainment (select nights), or take some TCB beer or merchandise home from our on-site store. We look forward to seeing you soon!


  • Cherry Sour

    ABV: 4.3%, IBU: 3 Berliner Weisse aged on fresh sour cherries. Bold, tart-cherry juiciness is balanced by a delicate acidity from the kettle sour to create a fruity, tart, and refreshing finish.

  • Grapefruit Radler

    A blend of pale ale with fresh grapefruit and meyer lemon juice.

  • Rosemary Juniper Gose:

    ABV 4.5 %, IBU 3 A gose brewed with fresh rosemary, juniper berries, grapefruit zest and smoked sea salt.

  • Cold IPA

    ABV 6.8 %, IBU 45 The refreshing crispness of a lager with the bold aromatics of an IPA. Hopped with Citra and Talus to bring forward tropical aromas while the addition of flaked corn lends a clean crisp finish.

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