Bee Boyzz Winery & Meadery

The small family apiary is in Oak Bluff, Manitoba on McGillivray Boulevard. The Paseschnikoffs run approx 200 hives with Kon, Julie, and three children Katarina (25), Daniel (20) and Gregori (18). The love affair with bees continues to the next generation. To think that Dad’s bee passion created the Paseschnikoff family business to this day.

Bee Boyzz Winery & Meadery Drinks


Mojito style mead made with mint, fermented with lime and mint. Refreshing and light and full of natural flavours.

Tailgate Toons

Saskatoon mead made with Manitoba saskatoons. Light and bursting with saskatoon berry flavours.

Don't Worry Bee Happy

Strawberry mead made with Manitoba strawberries. A delicate strawberry wine with mellow honey afternotes.

Capital K Distillery

Located in the heart of Winnipeg, Capital K Distillery was Manitoba’s first family owned and operated producer of handcrafted spirits. Our first product, Tall Grass Vodka, was proudly launched in the fall of 2016, followed by Tall Grass Gin and the rest of the Tall Grass spirits line. WPG Vodka, our non-craft brand, was introduced in 2019.

Our traditional craft distilling process begins with a controlled hand milling or mashing of locally grown grain. Capital K Distillery takes pride in selecting only the best Manitoba grown produce for our craft spirits

Capital K Distillery Spirits

Grapefruit Vodka (40% ABV)

Premium Vodka made with love here in Winnipeg using locally sourced grains and produce, real fruit juice with no added sugar, sweetener or artificial flavour; our Grapefruit Vodka is deliciously tarte and best enjoyed with Fresca

Cranberry Gin (40% ABV)

Premium Gin made with love here in Winnipeg using locally sourced grains and produce, real fruit juice with no added sugar, sweetener or artificial flavour; our Cranberry Gin is deliciously tarte and best enjoyed with Soda or Ginger Ale.

Dead Horse Cider

We are Manitoba’s first apple to bottle cidery. Making sessionable and delicious hard cider since 2018.

Dead Horse Cider Blends

Backyard Blend Dry Cider

This cider is 100% MB. With all the apples coming from backyards across the province. Its dry, tart and funky.

Cherry On

Made with Canadian apples and fresh Manitoba sour cherries. This cider pours a light sparkling red in color, and opens with a tart cherry bite complemented by a fruity apple finish. A balanced, sessionable cider.

Farmery Estate Brewery

Farmery Estate Brewery, located in Neepawa MB, is both a family farm and a brewery. We both brew and grow ingredients such as barley and hops for our beer.

Farmery Estate Brewery beers & drinks

Green Apple Sour

Every sip feels like a refreshing breeze passing through an apple orchard. Delightful tartness eloquently underlined with a taste of sweet.

Raspberry Sour

Refreshing and delicious, a delicious touch of succulent raspberry flavor, delicately balanced with a light & savory tart note.

ABV 5% ABV, IBU 14

Saskatoon Sour

Infused with plump juicy saskatoons from our family farm with a smooth acidic tang, for a delicious tart & sweet experience.

ABV 5% ABV, IBU 14

Hard Root Beer

Clean, refreshing and incredibly smooth infused premium vodka with classic root beer flavour.
Preservative-free, caffeine-free, small-batch craft-style, with all natural ingredients.

ABV: 5%

Pink Kiss Flavoured Vodka

A delicious and fresh pink lemonale-infused premium vodka! Subtle citrus & tart sweetness with a hint of a floral finish, for the ultimate balance of satisfying flavors.

Enjoy on its own or in a cocktail, this flavored spirit is the perfect delicious accompaniment to any social evening.

ABV: 30%

Fort Garry Brewing Company

Fort Garry Brewing has been making beer for 90 years – made by Manitobans for Manitobans. In 1994 Richard Hoeschen resurrected the Fort Garry Brewing as we know it today in South Winnipeg that his Great Grandfather founded in 1930. We’re pioneers of craft brewing in Manitoba, and we make beer the same way we’ve been making it for 90 years. Sure, the copper kettles are gone, and the steam heat is now electric, but from our humble beginnings in a small Market Street warehouse to our current state-of-the-art facility, we’ve never strayed from our microbrewery tradition.

Fort Garry Brewing Company Beers

Passion Peach + Guava Radler

A blend of real passion, peach & guava fruit juice mixed with our refreshing light lager gives this fresh tasting beer a sweet yet slightly tart taste.

Fall Haul Harvest Pumpkin Ale

single batch brewed with real pumpkin make for a wonderfully balanced beer, with a hint of oak & spice.

Grain to Glass Brewing

Grain to Glass is a Winnipeg Home Brew Shop. We sell dozens of great original recipes you can make at home, so we thought, hey, let’s make some beer so the non-homebrewers can enjoy our beers. And thus, Grain to Glass Brewing was born.

Grain to Glass Brewing Beers

Skulls Lager

Very refreshing with a nice dry finish. A drinkable dark lager, light body, silky and dark.

Creamsicle Ale

The flavors and aromas of orange and vanilla coupled with A rich lactose mouthfeel.

Bat Country IPA

Hazy, soft, mild bitterness with layers of Sabro, Galaxy and Mosaic hops.

In A Nutshell

A very drinkable eruption of chocolate and peanut butter.

Monday Mourn APA

A well balanced American Pale Ale with just the right malt grainy
profile to balance out the Citrus, passionfruit, piney, earthy hop profiles within the beer.

Interlake Brewing Company

We’re one of Manitoba’s newest craft breweries, with beer hitting the market September 2021, and a large brewpub opening in Gimli next year (with a rooftop patio – woo hoo!). We’re a Metis-owned family business and are so excited to share our first release with you.”

Interlake Brewing Company Beers

Rainy Daze

Earl Grey Wheat Ale
A crisp and refreshing wheat ale with citrus hops and earl grey tea.

Dry Hopped ale

Our second beer will be a Dry Hopped Pale Ale expected to be released later this month.

La Shoppe Brewery

Brasserie La Shoppe is a Franco-Metis Brewery that blends tradition, creativity and boldness.We strive to make beer that everybody enjoys. Cheers, santé!

La Shoppe Brewery Beers

Sock Hop IPA

This IPA was brewed using Kviek yeast brewed at 30 degrees celcius. Giving it a unique fruity flavor you’ll love.

La Saint-B

This Wit will leave you wanting more. A refreshing balanced beer with a clean wheat taste, with a hint of citrus and spice. It’s so nice. A collaboration with Tourisme Riel.
4,6% ALC / 32

Caddy Pale Ale

Caddy : Our first born is as clean and crisp as our 100,000 lakes. Released in October 2019, this Pale Ale is the first Flag ship beer of La Shoppe is a crowd pleaser
4,9% ALC / 20 IBU

Little Brown Jug Brewing

From our open-concept brewery, LBJ starts out brewing only one beer, 1919 Belgian Pale Ale. We brew it over and over and over again to create a beer that is good by any standard. We take the same intention and precision and apply it to craft every new beer we add.

Little Brown Jug Brewing Beers


This hazy German wheat beer has notes of Banana, Clove and Bread.

Summer Lager

Floral, lemon, and berry hop aroma. Subdued maltiness. Delicate. Clean and crisp.

Belgian IPA

Fruity and spicy, citrus and tropical fruit aroma, dry refreshing finish.

Nonsuch Brewing Co.

Our focus lies beyond the beer – honouring people’s entire experience. From the little moments to the big celebrations we should all savour – the times worth remembering. Therein lies the heart of everything we do. We believe in making moments.

Nonsuch Brewing Co. Beers

La Molière Pilsner Artisanale

This straw-coloured, medium-bodied craft pilsner opens with light toastiness, and malt aromas followed by crisp malt flavours, distinctive German yeast characteristics and a drying finish. A proud collaboration with Théâtre Cercle Molière showcasing a new recipe and lower (4.8%) ABV.

Mango Sour

A kettle sour with mango infusion creating tropical fruity notes with a lemony sourness. (5.7%)

2020 Red Wine Barrel Aged Saison

In November 2019, we brewed our flagship Saison and transferred a small amount into an oak barrel from the Simli Winery in Sonoma Valley, California. After nearly a full year aging in the barrel, another year in stainless, we have an extremely limited 20L keg ready for your enjoyment.

This variation delivers a more complex and oakey profile built on top of the signature yeast phenolics of the Saison. (8.4%)

One Great City Brewing co

OGC is the collaboration of two Winnipeg boys, Jon Burge and Tim Hudek. Jon and Tim were lucky enough to travel and move around in their 20s which allowed them to experience some amazing food, beer, architecture and style. Missing their home, they both moved back to Winnipeg to share some of their experiences while fusing them with what makes Winnipeg one great city. The result is a combination of style, atmosphere and flavour that are unique to Winnipeg.

One Great City Brewing Co Beers

Cardi Party

A passion fruit cardamom pale ale

Vaca de Fuego - Pepper Stout

Milk Stout infused with guajillo and chipotle peppers

Torque Brewing

Torque Brewing is in our 5th year of making local craft beer. We love to interact with the community whenever possible.

Torque Brewing Beers


Raspberry Vanilla Gose

Add a Gear

A session pale ale

Juicy Goosey

New England IPA

Peach Hibiscus Gose

Do peaches and hibiscus exist beyond earth? We hope so. However, should they venture too close to the Event Horizon, they will disappear forever. Let’s hope that never happens. So, in the meantime enjoy this combination. Just in case.”

Magnetic North

Hefeweizen- packed with Banana and clove flavors

Trans Canada Brewing Company

Our brewery’s equipment has been sourced from several North American and European manufacturers, including Canadian 35-hectolitre and 5-hectolitre brewhouses, German bottling lines, and French oak foeders. All TCB beers are developed, brewed, and packaged in Winnipeg, Manitoba. 

Trans Canada Brewing Company Beers

Avenger APA

An easy-drinking pale ale that celebrates the vibrancy of American Citra hops, this beer is loaded with notes of citrus and tropical fruits. Its subtle hop bitterness is balanced with bisquity-honey notes from the Canadian malts creating a smooth, refreshing finish.
5.2%ABV | 30 IBU

County Sour Cherry

Refreshing. Fruity. Tart.
A Berliner Weisse aged on fresh cherries . A bold, tart-cherry juiciness is balanced by a deliciate acidity from the kettle sour to create a fruity, tart and refreshing finish 4.3% ABV/3 IBU

Rosemary Juniper Gose

A classic Gose brewed with rosemary and juniper berries. Refreshing and tart, it boasts notes of grapefruit and herb with a subtle smoked saltiness and fruity finish.
4.5%ABV | 3 IBU

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